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Alex Chen
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

In my photography and film, I strive to capture the emotions that I experience at the locations I travel to. My images are captured in a variety of ways ranging from DSLRs, GoPros, smartphones, and drones. Color is an important component of these visuals. I color grade my images to emphasize what it felt like to be there at that specific moment.

Alex Chen is a Seattle-based filmmaker, photographer, and multi-media artist. Growing up he has always been fascinated with the many forms stories can be told through, be it words, film, music, or images. He believes that art has the ability to transport you, no matter where you are, to bring you to a new place. As a child he found an old VHS camcorder in the attic and started to film everything that interested him. He would record anything from honeybees flying around in the yard to short skits with friends. Eventually he started to create short films that documented the destinations he would travel to. Through his visual content he hopes to immerse the viewer and show the unique cultures and landscapes from around the world.