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Ana Osorno
Photo/Media, Communication

Body, Color, and Intimacy is a study of relationships: the way that we as people choose to express ourselves and present ourselves to others. I focused on using my friends and exploring the intimate relationship of subject and photographer. I chose to incorporate the vibrant colors each person uses to self-express. During a global pandemic that has caused all of us to spend time at home, I have taken time to reflect on my personal relationships and friendships. What those have meant to me over the last four years, what it means for me to live with my best friends, what friendships look like now compared to before the pandemic. Over the last year, I have always wanted to create a documentation for my friends as an ode to my artistic development over the past four years as well as a recognition of their participation and our friendship. In this, I wanted to portray the intimacy of our friendships and the implicit intimacy of creating art with others.

Ana Osorno is a senior studying Photo/Media and Communication at the University of Washington. She grew up in the Seattle area and first picked up a camera while in elementary school to begin documenting her friends and neighborhood. She quickly grew to love photography and the idea of capturing a moment. Her photomedia experience includes photojournalism, landscape work, portraiture and film. She likes to work with her 35mm film camera as well as her Nikon DSLR to capture the places she goes and the people she sees. Capturing the relationship between the human body, color and intimacy is a recent focus in her work. Ana believes that art connects us all and makes it easier to understand one another without needing words. This is what drives her passion for photography, with the goal of making art that connects with her audience and facilitates an understanding of one another and the world. Ana hopes to continue to work in photography and explore her creativity throughout the rest of her life.

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