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Angelique Guina
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

For my chosen family. With these people, with our shifting nature, with the impermanence of all things, we flow and grow together. In these currents, they live.

Embedded into this image are symbolic representations of my cherished people, who have been a part of my creative discovery and process in the last four years. After being enlarged, shrunken, and further manipulated, pieces of the imagery were placed together in such a way to suggest organic movement. Slight offset of each printed layer is meant to further evoke the flowing, wave-like nature of all things; of my personal creative journey.

Angelique Guina is a printmaker and illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. Her work revolves around the relationships she has built with the people and spaces around her, and often incorporates fine lines, repetition, and abstract imagery. During her time at the university, she has illustrated for multiple publications including The Daily, Grey Matters, and Microphiles.