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Chenxin Sun
Photo/Media, Biochemistry

First identified in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 became a pandemic within 4 months and has caused thousands of deaths around the world. The outbreak in Seattle was first warned of by Chinese students, who put on their masks as soon as the first case was reported. However, at the beginning, no one else understood. Most people thought they were overreacting, and some of the students even went through discrimination because of wearing masks. Masks, goggles and gloves became the new stereotypical representation of the Chinese–follow the 3-step instruction to identify a Chinese easily by staring at them! Isn’t it amazing? Just one glance and you can tell somebody’s race, which the virus can never do! Now that a few months have passed, the three “essentials” eventually turned into the standard PPE for everyone…

Chenxin is a graduating senior studying Photo/Media and Biochemistry at University of Washington. Born and raised in a small town in China, Chenxin gained her interest in Chinese traditional painting during her childhood under the influence of her grandfather, who is a calligrapher. Her knowledge of composition and color continued in her photos as she became interested in film photography. Being involved in both science and art gives Chenxin an opportunity to view her works from a different perspective, as well as to explore the intimacy and aesthetic value of everyday objects, people and nature.