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Clay Larson

As an artist, I take inspiration from the natural world around me. I am interested in investigating natural relationships beyond what we can normally see. Through my observations I study these natural forms and relationships that inspire and shape the forms, patterns, and textures of my work. The art I make manifests itself through technical exploration of film, glass, and ceramics. Through working with these mediums, I am able to express the natural patterns, forms, and relationships I experience in the world. I often let the properties of the material and firing process dictate the forms and patterns seen in my work. Stemming from my natural observations, I am also concerned with sustainability and make conscious decisions about my material consumption in making my art. Through my work I pose the issue of conservationism though pondering the relationships we as humans have with the world around us.

Clay Larson was born in 1996 in Cincinnati. Shortly after, his family relocated to Spokane, Washington. Growing up in the inland Northwest had a profound effect in stimulating his love for the outdoors and nature. In high school, Clay discovered ceramics as a way to express his feelings of the world around us. Upon moving to Seattle to further his education at the University of Washington’s 3D4M program, Clay quickly became interested in working with glass for the process and technique involved seemed so exciting and the greater community of glass makers was very inviting.

In addition to the University of Washington, Clay has studied at Pilchuck Glass school in hot glass sculpting, neon, and Venetian flameworking.