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Heewon Song
Photo/Media, Minor in Informatics

Would you still buy the products that have a high brand recognition even though the quality is not as great? Just because the price of a skincare product is higher than the others, it doesn’t mean the quality of the ingredients is necessarily higher. When I recognize the brands in the advertisements while browsing through a magazine, like Chanel, Estée Lauder, Olay, etc., I feel like warning people to not buy these products… Don’t buy these expensive brands! Don’t waste your money on low-quality products! Just because the brands of these products are what everyone else has and wants, doesn’t mean you should also buy them. You are just buying the brand name! I personally wrote the note to manipulate your buying power and to intervene in your shopping experience while browsing through this magazine. The amount of research I put into the products I wrote about should convince you enough. It is a protest against the product being advertised in the magazine, telling you to buy the product on the piece of paper instead.

Heewon Song is a graduating senior studying Photo/Media and Informatics (minor) at the University of Washington. She is also interested in UX design, particularly designing websites and apps, which made her decide to minor in Informatics just shortly after declaring her major. She was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., and immigrated to Seattle, WA, after almost a decade of living there. She has been taking photography classes since her freshman year of high school, starting with traditional film photography, then shifting to digital photography in college. Her interest in photomedia continues to grow as she works as a Media Student Specialist and an A/V operator on campus. She wants to continue to work in a similar field after graduating from the UW. Her works are mainly inspired by beauty trends on social media, especially the trending Korean skincare products on Instagram and YouTube. As a Korean who is constantly surrounded by the Korean beauty culture on TV and on the internet, she naturally gained interest in it. As the number of Korean skincare companies and curators are growing in the states, she wants to dig deeper into the behind-the-scenes of the companies and uncover more about the products she uses by working in one in the future.

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