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Jordan Pickett
Photo/Media, Journalism

Doors are often seen as restrictive devices, lending passage only to those who carry the requisite keys. In this instance, the artist rejects such notions and offers an unfettered portal into their own dwelling in the interests of universal access. This door, an artifact removed from the home and placed in situ, offers visual, aural, and olfactory information streamed live from the inside of the artist’s own living space.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this work will not be experienced in person. The aural, olfactory, and time-relative aspects of the work are simply unable to be translated into the digital space. But the work stands as its own, not to be forced to adapt. In place of a three-dimensional, interactive, and time-sensitive sculptural object, the artist instead offers a two-dimensional quasi-facsimile.

I am a senior at the University of Washington double-majoring in Communication: Journalism and Art: Photo/Media. I grew up just outside of Seattle in the suburbs of Sammamish and Issaquah. I moved to Seattle as soon as I could so that I could envelop myself in the cultures, broaden my horizons, and begin my career in photojournalism. Along the way I discovered my love for art and added on my second major.

My work explores the intersection of contemporary art and journalism. My career as a photojournalist is constantly at odds with my art work. The absolute objectivity of photojournalism and creative aspects of contemporary photographic art are often insoluble.

As such, in an effort to bring the best of both my fields to the foreground, my art tends to revolve around how data and information can be layered, added to, and removed from a photograph. I continually work with new techniques and new technologies trying to expand my creative palette. Subsequently, I’ve learned skills like woodworking, framing, furniture making, and mirror making during my four years in the art program.

Throughout all my work, I hold myself to the ideals of photojournalistic integrity and objectivity. I hold things like privacy, and respect for the subject on the highest pedestals. I strive to let the final product, rather than my own words, do most of the talking.

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