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Khuong Pham

I display art through graphics; for example, the piece Flying Mind shows the inner beauty of an individual by combining different art elements to portray a message. These elements not only represent individuals and lifestyles, but also manifest the things in their minds, including creative thoughts and positive mindsets. The world that we are living in today can sometimes be cruel and harsh for us humans to live in. By filtering the negativity out of our life, acknowledging what remains inside our head is the key to simply enjoy life.

My name is Kevin Pham and I’m a graduating senior at UW majoring in Photo/Media. I was born in Vietnam and came to the US in 2009. My background was IT, specializing in administration. I LOVE ART; whenever I have free time, I always learn new things or watch other artworks to get inspiration. I have a big dream of becoming a filmmaker and doing Visual Effects for Hollywood, but I know it is a big dream and hard to come true, so I started with the smallest things by taking pictures and videos of the things around me, and combining them together to make artwork that looks like the scenes I saw in movies and games, or to make something meaningful to deliver a message to viewers and make life better. With the combination of photography, three-dimensional sculptures, and composition art, I create many photo manipulation artworks, commercial advertisements, motion graphics, and recently have merged these techniques. I chose to follow the path of Digital Arts because it gives my creative self a chance to develop the work of art and elaborate the meaning of art. I firmly believe that things that could not be done or are almost impossible to produce in real life can become realities in the artistic, digital world.