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Matt Patrick
Painting + Drawing

I primarily work with oil paints, usually on canvas, to represent scenes symbolizing my abstract ideas and feelings. At the moment, the ideas I am working with relate to my feelings about being an artist. For much of my artistic life, I struggled with finding inspiration to fuel my interest in naturalistic, figurative drawing, but after studying at the UW and learning more about artists from Stanislaw Szukalski to Caledonia “Swoon” Curry, I began to interrogate my own feelings and try to articulate them through figure painting.

Matt Patrick was born in Seattle, Washington. His father studied at Seattle Art Institute and introduced Matt to the basics of visual art at a young age. Matt always had an inclination toward drawing, and after several years of practice after graduating high school, he studied drawing and painting at the University of Washington. This exposed him to many more kinds of art and art making, in particular oil painting, and he began focusing on this as his primary medium of expression.