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Mina Kang
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

I am naturally drawn to factors that make us human—our bias, nature, instincts, and emotion. I’m interested in how each human factor affects one another and constructs culture and individuals. My work is inspired by and reinterprets the layered implications of daily occurrences and media. Incorporating installations, interactive media, and photography, my works question hazed and diluted circumstances.

Mina Kang is a multimedia artist working across various mediums ranging from installations, photography, and immersive media. Delving into the societal norms and daily occurrences, her interests explore how such affairs construct identities both as a single person and as a society.

Mina has participated in various group exhibitions in the Seattle area, including at Sand Point Gallery, Meany Center for the Performing Arts, and ASUW Shell House.

Born in Seoul and refined in Seattle, Mina is a first-generation immigrant. She has received her BA in Art from University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design and will be pursuing graduate studies in Digital Media. She has been working as a multidisciplinary designer at various companies and plans on continuing an active art practice along the way.