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Regan Colburn
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

One of the most heavily demonized parts of society is our own bodies, whether it be in skin tone, hair color, weight, shape, density, blemishes, the list goes on and on. Out of all this negativity, I believe one thing to be true:

Skin is the ultimate storyteller.

My work is obscenely approachable, with ample nude bodies and vibrant colors, and its purpose is to show how misplaced this negativity is. The stretch marks, scars, shape, the feeling of each body is unique, vulnerable, and beautiful. In my current project, Your body is a wonderland, I aim to show the viewer precisely why their insecurities make them all the more radiant.

Regan Colburn is a mixed-media artist who specializes in vibrant colors and surrealist bodies. They view creating as not only cathartic, but necessary. They aim to make topics like chronic pain, LGBTQ+, body appreciation, and mental health more visible in a vivid, whimsical manner. Regan is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Washington with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. They have worked with Thriving Elements to develop imagery to support underprivileged youth and designed the physiology lab textbook covers for the University. They hope to continue to find new outlets for explorations of anatomy that soothe and support those in need.