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Ryann Funk
Honors, Photo/Media, Communication

After eight months of preparation and high anticipation, the moment of truth has finally come. She is ready to reveal herself. I present to you, the first and only issue of Art Heaux, a compilation of character study, confusion, emotion, varying shades of pink, and a lot of pictures of myself. There have been approximately 521 different iterations of these visuals since its inception in September 2019, and this is the cream of the crop because of its showcase of the past turning into the present. I simultaneously loved and hated the process of creating this bundle of words and pictures. It takes strength as an artist to be vulnerable enough to turn the camera on yourself as the subject, and I believe every artist should try it at least once. This compilation includes pieces from my own personal journal, things that shaped my life, parallels of the past and present, photo shoots featuring the pink crushed velvet comforter on my bed, and some of the thoughts that are constantly swirling around in my brain.

Video commentary and pdf/ebook versions of Art Heaux are available at https://ryannfunk.com/art-heaux

Ryann Funk graduates from the University of Washington in June, completing a double major in Art with Honors and in Communication with a concentration in Technology and Global Media. Additionally, in February 2020, she completed the Music Industry Business certificate program online through Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She aspires to break into the music industry in the future, working in A&R or creative-directing live music experiences. Ryann takes visual inspiration from different corners of the art world, such as mid-century modern design aesthetics, pop art masters like Warhol and Ruscha, and her teen years spent indolently scrolling on mid-2000s “indie” image-based content websites like Tumblr. She is her own #1 fan and when it comes to creating, she believes that as long as you love and are proud of the work you’re making, you should pay no mind to the opinions of others.

More work and other fun stuff can be found at ryannfunk.com and @ryannfunk across all social media.

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